Das vitale Haus

Residential project in Bruchsal, Germany

Project category Residential
Project type New project
Year of completion 2018
Size of project(m2) 101 – 500
Number of KNX devices used 101 – 300
KNX brands Show/hide
KNX Transmission media
Twisted pair
Man hours 501 – 1.000
Man power 1 – 5
Products that carry the KNX logo are a confirmation of high product quality, these products will communicate perfectly together and I didn't have to worry about working with inferior material.

Project characteristics

This diagram shows the level of energy efficiency, innovation and ease of use in the project. The main characteristic is displayed in the centre.

Applications used

The icons marked in blue are the applications used in this project via KNX.

Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning (HVAC)
Blind and Shutter Control
Security and Safety
Operation and Visualisation
Automation and Remote Access
Energy Management/Smart Metering

Detailed description

Energy Efficiency

The usage of automated functions already save energy in every installation. Especially the usage of KNX has a lot of potential for further energy savings, which can contribute to a better environmental footprint. Be extending KNX to more functions and applications, energy savings of up to 60% can be realised. Thanks to the flexibility of KNX, these functions can easily be implemented in this installation


Smart homes and buildings are always an upgrade in comparison to a conventional installation. Not only automated functions and a higher level of comfort contribute to a higher living standard, but also the possibility to be ready for coming innovations. Thanks to the usage of KNX, the door has been opened to integrate new innovative solutions, using the worldwide STANDARD for home and building control.

Ease of Use

By integrating KNX, we automatically experience a higher energy efficiency and comfort. Furthermore, by the possibility to use further devices, in order to make the usage of the project easier, we can look at further opportunity to even make the whole installation easier in usage.

Applications used

  • Lighting: Switching , Dimming , Light Scenes , Timed Control , Automatic Occupancy Detection , Constant Light Control , Lighting Colour Control
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning (HVAC): Central & Automatic Control , Automatic Occupancy Detection , Weather Dependent Control , Individual Room Control / Zone Control , CO2 / Humidity Measuring , Floor Heating Control , Boiler and burner Control
  • Blind and Shutter Control: Individual Control , Group & Central Control , Automatic Programs , Wind and Rain Protection , Sun Tracing (interaction with HVAC / lighting)
  • Security and Safety: Smoke/Fire Detection , Faults (e.g. Leak Detection, Glass Break Detection, Window Contacts) , Access Control , Intrusion Detection / Alarm Systems , Emergency Lighting , Presence Simulation , Supervision (e.g. Cameras) , Interaction with HVAC/Lighting
  • Operation and Visualisation: Switches / Push Buttons , PC Visualisation , Web Servers , Touch Panels & Display Panels , Tablets and smart phones
  • Automation and Remote Access: Timed Functions , Logical Functions , System Supervision , Internet Access , Remote Programming , Messaging (e.g. SMS)
  • Energy Management/Smart Metering: Metering , Data Logging , Visualisation , Current Detection , Use of Renewable Energies
  • Other: Intercom , Audio Control , Video Control , Home Appliances Control , Distributed Facilities

Customer's description

In unserem „vitalen Haus“ wird das KNX System unter Einsatz von künstlicher Intelligenz (KI) dahingehend erweitert, gesundheitliche Fürsorge, alltägliche Erleichterung von Abläufen durch Selbstorganisation und intelligenter Assistenz sowie Sicherheit zu Hause zu bieten. Das Haus nutzt handelsübliche KNX-Gebäudesensorik, wie zum Beispiel Präsenzmelder, Tast- und Kontaktsensoren, KNX-VOC Sensoren sowie moderne Fitnesstracker, aber auch neuartige und nichtinvasive medizinische Sensorik, um Verhaltensmuster von Bewohnern und Vitalzeichenkorrelate durch künstliche Intelligenz zu bewerten. Die Bewertung der Daten dient sowohl dem Komfort- und Sicherheitsansatz als auch gesundheitliche Veränderungen sowie kritische gesundheitliche Ereignisse frühzeitig zu detektieren. Das System gibt dem Bewohner Hinweise und ermöglicht, sofern erforderlich, eine gezielte Inanspruchnahme des Gesundheitswesens.

Contact information

Company name JAEGER Wohn- & Gebäudeintelligenz
Company email mail@jwgi.de
Company website https://jwgi.de
Contact name Dr.-Ing. Marc Jäger
Contact function Planner