Fereshteh Palace

Residentieel project in Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of

Projectcategorie Residential
Projecttype New project
Jaar van afwerking 2014
Grootte van het project(m2) 5.000+
Aantal gebruikte KNX-apparaten 1.000+
KNX-merken Tonen/verbergen
Twisted pair
Werkuren 2.000+
Werkkrachten 100+
Products that carry the KNX logo are a confirmation of high product quality, these products will communicate perfectly together and I didn't have to worry about working with inferior material.


Dit schema toont de energiezuinigheid, het innovatieniveau en het gebruiksgemak van het project. De belangrijkste eigenschap wordt in het midden weergegeven.

Gebruikte toepassingen

De blauw gemarkeerde pictogrammen zijn de toepassingen die in dit project worden gebruikt via KNX.

Verwarming, ventilatie & airconditioning (HVAC)
Jaloezie- en rolluikregeling
Beveiliging en veiligheid
Bediening en visualisatie
Automatisering en afstandsbediening
Energiebeheer / Slimme meting

Gedetailleerde omschrijving


The usage of automated functions already save energy in every installation. Especially the usage of KNX has a lot of potential for further energy savings, which can contribute to a better environmental footprint. Be extending KNX to more functions and applications, energy savings of up to 60% can be realised. Thanks to the flexibility of KNX, these functions can easily be implemented in this installation


Smart homes and buildings are always an upgrade in comparison to a conventional installation. Not only automated functions and a higher level of comfort contribute to a higher living standard, but also the possibility to be ready for coming innovations. Thanks to the usage of KNX, the door has been opened to integrate new innovative solutions, using the worldwide STANDARD for home and building control.


By integrating KNX, we automatically experience a higher energy efficiency and comfort. Furthermore, by the possibility to use further devices, in order to make the usage of the project easier, we can look at further opportunity to even make the whole installation easier in usage.

Gebruikte toepassingen

  • Verlichting: Overschakelen , Dimmen , Automatische bezettingsdetectie
  • Verwarming, ventilatie & airconditioning (HVAC): Centrale & automatische regeling , Individuele Kamerregeling / Zoneregeling , Klepaandrijfregeling / Ventilatorspoelregeling
  • Jaloezie- en rolluikregeling: Individuele regeling , Groeps- & centrale regeling , Automatische programma's , Zontracering (interactie met HVAC / verlichting)
  • Beveiliging en veiligheid: Inbraakdetectie / Alarmsystemen , Interactie met HVAC / Verlichting
  • Bediening en visualisatie: IR-afstandsbediening , Aanraakpanelen & schermen , Tablets en smartphones
  • Energiebeheer / Slimme meting: Meting , Zichtbaar maken , Energiewinning (zonder gebruik van batterijen)
  • Andere: Videoregeling

Omschrijving klant

Fereshteh palace is a luxury residential complex in 3 towers constructed in 16 floors including 114 apartments on 12 floors and 4 floors of parking, and is located in:” Tehran, Iran”.It was started in 2007. Our company started the electrical and BMS design of the project in 2010 and it will be finished in 2016. SMARTHOME:Fereshteh Palace Complex is a Smart Home in which the most modern integrated smart home systems has been presented,using Italian products of Gewiss Company


Bedrijfsnaam Delham Tabesh Inc.
Bedrijfs-e-mail khademi@delham.org
Bedrijfswebsite http://www.delham.org
Naam contactpersoon Mohammad Reza Khademi
Functie contactpersoon Systeemintegrator